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With my interactive maps and intuitive readings
I can show you how
the unique astrology of your location affects you each and every day.

Empower Your Life Choices !

"AstroCartoGraphy" or Locational Astrology
Can Help.

  • Create Better Health
  • Improve Finances
  • Revitalize Your Career
  • Experience Better Relationships
  • Find New Places to Live, Work, or Travel that will enhance your life goals.
  • Free Yourself from persistent "Sticky Situations"
  • Make changes to Stubborn Stuck areas of your life.

These Interactive AstroCartoGraphy World Maps let you look any where in the world and easily see your
Personalized Astrological Influences.

AstroCartoGraphy is an Astrological Technique that takes your personal Birth Chart and lays it out on a map of the Earth. The maps clearly show how your Astrological Influences change depending on where you live or travel. Have you notice that some places feel better than others? AstroCartoGraphy Maps can help explain why.

Want to Find the Right Places where you can thrive?
Locational Astrology can help by giving you insight into how a place will be for you. These interactive AstroCartoGraphy maps will allow you to unleash the full power of your Personal Astrology.

We offer Three Personalized Locational Astrology Map Products.

Standard Map Shows your Natal Chart "AstocartoGraphy" Lines and Paran on a Google world map. On Sale for $25 normally $45

Complete Map Shows everything The Natal Map has plus Local Space Lines and Geodetic Lines. On Sale for $50 normally $95

Complete Map + Transit and Progresions Shows everything The Basic Map has plus Progressed Chart Lines and 12 monthly Transit chart Lines. $145

You can Upgrade the Standard and Complete Map at any time.

All the AstroMapLinks give you the power of Google Maps with your Locational Astrology Lines. Your Personalize Astrology Lines come layered on one interactive World Map. All the Planet Lines are clearly labeled for easy identification. You can click on the lines to read what Astrological effect they will have on you, right on the map. These maps are great for the Beginner and Advanced Astrology Enthusiast. The Maps have easy to read Interpretations and the 5 most used Locational Astrology Lines layered on one Google world map.

You get a personalized AstroMapLink that you can access any where you have internet. We guarantee to host your link for three years, additional years available with small renewal fee.

We will get you started on the Journey of Exploring the Best Places for you.

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You can easily look anywhere in the world and see what Locational Astrological Influences affect you there.

We are the First to put your Locational Astrology on a Google Map. The map has all your AstroCartoGraphy Lines with Planet Interpretations Based on Jim's Teachings. You can look anywhere in the world so you don't have to pick locations and are not limited to the locations you ordered. AstoMapLinks have full Google Map Zoom capability so you don't have to work with hard to read world maps. You can zoom in to find the small towns or even your house on Satellite View. Our maps make it Easy for anyone to Understand their Locational Astrology. The "Orb of Influence Circles" make it easy to see what lines affect you at any locations .

Let us help You Get the Most Out of Your Astrology!

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How to use Astrocartography
to promote your Business

Astrocartography or locational astrology provides you with insight into how planetary lines can influence your happiness, health, and wealth in various parts of the world. Given today's competitive world, you can utilize the information gained from astrocartography to provide you with a unique business advantage.

While astrology is an invaluable asset, you still require strong business plans and proper implementation of those plans. Regardless of how favorable your astrological placements may be, if you do not engage in strategic business practices, then astrology alone can not save the day. Once you have a solid foundation for a business, then astrology can help you leverage your potential. J.P. Morgan said "Millionaires don't use astrology, billionaires do."

Astrocartography maps can be utilized to help you succeed in business. The focus of this blog will be on business; however, you can utilize these techniques to help you do almost anything, including finding a job.

Your natal chart provides the framework for locational astrology. Your unique birth chart highlights your strengths, weakness, and areas for improvement. The benefit of consulting a qualified astrologer for a natal chart reading can be invaluable. I recommend someone who practices Evolutionary Astrology because they will stress free will, rather than just fate. In Evolutionary Astrology, the birth chart is used to show you how to make adjustments, and not to be fatalistic, as some other forms of astrology do. At Astro-Map-Links ,we can provide you with a lesson to help you understand your birth chart, or else recommend other astrologers for you to contact.

Your unique locational astrology map displays where on the entire earth your astrological placements have the strongest impacts. Once you have this information in hand, it provides you with a competitive edge over others.

Initially, you need to understand the astrology related to where you currently reside. By understanding the unique strengths and challenges associated with your present location, you can subsequently make business decisions that harness these energies for the most optimal results possible. Your relocated birth chart and astrocartography map for a particular location are great tools to help you understand your astrological influences and outcomes for that area. Before making any major decisions or physical moves, consulting a professional that specializes in locational astrology can save you a great deal of energy, money, and potential regret. At Astro-Map-Links, we offer several interactive astrocatography maps that make understanding your astrology easier. We also offer astrocatography map readings.

There is a locational astrology technique known as remote activation. Remote activation operates on the principle that you do not have to be physically present at a location to experience the effects of your astrology associated with that place.

For example, let's say you reside on the East coast, but you have a natal Jupiter line on the West coast. (Jupiter is typically considered to be a very favorable planet in astrology). You can utilize that Jupiter energy by interacting with people or businesses located near that line on the West coast. For instance, let's say that you are looking for an advertising firm and have identified several companies that seem to fit your needs. They are fairly similar, but one company is located near your Jupiter line. Thus, you might choose the firm near your Jupiter line so that you can utilize the beneficial energy of Jupiter. This a powerful technique, but it needs to be used in conjunction with good business practices. Therefore, a poorly run business near your Jupiter line will be really bad. In this case, Jupiter will expand the negative situation.

Remote activation is a technique you can easily use in many different areas of your life. Once you identify areas of the world where you have favorable astrological lines, then you can actively seek out ways to interact with people in these locations.

I have noticed that a large portion of my astrology clients live near or on my Mercury line. Mercury can enhance a person's ability to communicate. This knowledge has helped me identify where to target my business.

With businesses increasingly relying on the internet, using remote activation to your benefit has become easier. For example, you may choose to have your website hosted at a data center based near where you have good astrology. In this way, you are drawing in this favorable energy with everybody who visits your website.

If you advertise with Google or Facebook, then you can target areas where you have favorable locational astrology. By focusing your ads on places that give you a distinct advantage, you can experience better than average returns. Remote activation can be very helpful in this case since this is a business tactic that your competitors do not employ.

If you give lectures, participate in book releases, or other such events, you might choose areas where you have favorable astrology over other areas.

Conversely, remote activation can be utilized to avoid areas where your astrology is challenging. This can be the most helpful to your business so that you do not waste your money in places where it will not be fruitful.

After I explain the astrology of a particular location to clients, I have had many of them tell me how their experience was challenging in that place, for reasons previously beyond their comprehension. Remote activation explained this phenomenon. After I interpreted the cause of this challenging energy, they were able to make constructive changes, rather than struggle against the situation.

Your birth chart is your personal user manual; it will explain your life experiences like nothing else. Your Astrocartography Map will explain what you can expect to experience from any place on the planet. By better understanding this and working with the energies, instead of against them, you will have an unparalleled advantage over others that do not utilize this knowledge.

At Astro-Map-Links, all of our products and services are designed to help you better understand your astrology so you can adeptly work with the planetary energies. Our goal is to empower you with knowledge so that you can thrive.

This is the first blog of a series. In the next blog, I will explain how you can use your astrological transits and progressions to help plan events and to properly time the releases of new products or services.

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