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Instant access to your map allows you to look anywhere in the world to see your unique Astrology for that location.

Find the best place to live or travel–just click on your map and a description pops up explaining how your Astrology will affect you at any location.

Your map gives you the most complete picture of all the energies effecting you, so you don't move to some place with hidden challenges–rather Supporting Energies.

COMPLETE WORLD MAP $50 on sale $25

The 3 Most Powerful Systems layered onto one map

  • NATAL CHART LINES: Strongest Influences (Jim Lewis's Astro*Catro*Graphy system).
  • GEODETIC LINES: Powerful Influences missing on almost all others maps.
  • LOCAL SPACE LINES: Moderate Influences missing on almost all others maps.
  • PARAN LINES: Subtle Influences (Jim Lewis's Astro*Catro*Graphy system).
  • Instant Download
  • The only true Astro*Catro*Graphy map on Google Maps.


"Astro-Map-Links takes astro-locational work to the next level by engaging it with the huge advancements in contemporary on-line geographic maps. The hidden powers of these well-known astro-mapping techniques emerges with such power that your jaw will drop." - Steven Forrest, author of The Inner Sky

"Astro-Maps-Links is a great ACG program. Very easy to use, very comphrehensive does all four line types. Made for a novice or a professional. I highly recommend it." Matt (GA)

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