Time to Reflect and Prepare to Take Action

Open Heart
We are nearing the end of the Zodiac year. We will soon be moving from the last sign in the Zodiac, Pisces, to the first sign, Aries. It is the time of year to reflect on what has happened and the time of year to prepare to take action on what you want.
Time to tap into this universal principle: Letting go of some things to make room for new things to arrive. The cycles of the moon are a perfect example of this universal cycle. The New Moon is a great time to start something new. The waning Crescent Moon is great time to get quiet and reflect on what you have done.
I want to spend a little time describing these two energies–what they bring to you and what they ask of you. Then, I'll share some suggestions on how to integrate these energies and explain how where they are in your personal birth chart will affect your life.
Pisces helps you realize that you are not merely a body. Trust and faith are key to understanding what Pisces is asking. Can you let go into the unknown? Can you let go of your personal ego and merge with the universal oneness?
Your mind is not your friend when trying to understand Pisces. In fact, trying to understand is heading down the wrong path when it comes to the vastness Pisces represents. Get quiet and go within, allow the all-knowing universe to share the wisdom you are looking for. What your mind knows will be replaced by what your gut knows. Get out of your head and follow your heart.
When the sun is in Pisces, we are all being asked to look at the big universal picture. It is a good time to reflect on the past year from the elevated perch where the Soul lives. This reflection is needed as you are about to be asked to take action that needs the direction of Soul wisdom.
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Aries helps you to embody courage and take action. Overcoming your fear in order to take appropriate action is the key when dealing with Aries energy. Aries asks, "Can you face your fear? Can you start something new or start over?"
Relaxation is not your friend when dealing with Aries energy. It is time to move your body, do what you have been putting off. Run towards what scares you is the Aries mind set.
APPROPRIATE action. I cannot stress the key word Appropriate enough in this simple statement. We so often over or under react to things in our life. Hitting that center ground of appropriate action is not easy. We must, however, push forward striving to hit the Aries gold standard of Appropriate action.
When the Sun is in the sign of Aries, we are all being asked to face our fears and take appropriate action. Spring is around the corner. What are you going to metaphorically plant in the universal fields? What can you plant that will grow into what you want and need?
This year we are still integrating the Pluto-Uranus square. As with all change, there can be growing pains. Adding to that, Neptune is in Pisces its ruler AND Uranus, the god of earthquakes and tidal waves, is in Aries.
The Sun is conjunct Neptune on March 1st 2017 at the same time that Mars, Uranus and the Moon are conjunct working together in Aires. This will create a world on edge, certainly an appropriate time to hold a mass meditation visualizing love, peace and harmony. The Pisces oneness is available to all who choose to experience it.
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The Sun is conjunct, working together with, Uranus on April 13th 2017 at the same time that Saturn in Capricorn is Square, in tension with, Venus in Pisces. The world will be wanting change. This is a good time to take that Appropriate action birthed in the Pisces time of reflection. We all need to avoid anger and blame, replacing it with loving action.
Pisces in the House

1st House - Allowing yourself to connect with your inner knowing

2nd House - Using your otherworldly resources

3rd House - Voicing your vision

4th House - Exploring what nurtures your connection

5th House - Inspired creativity.

6th House - Service utilizing otherworldly resources

7th house - Spiritual relationships

8th House - Spiritual Merging

9th House - Expanding your spiritual beliefs

10th House - An Otherworldly mission for the collective

11th House - Spiritual pioneering

12th House - Connection with the ALL

Aries in the House

1st House -Stand up and Assert yourself

2nd House -Take the actions that sustain your life

3rd House - Express yourself fearlessly

4th House -Be willing to protect what nurtures you

5th House - Be fearlessly creative

6th House -Take action to protect others with the skills you've acquired

7th house -Fearlessly assert yourself in relationship to others

8th House - Face your hidden fears and be willing to merge with others

9th House -Let go of any beliefs that keep you from asserting your knowledge

10th House -Fearlessly work on great projects

11th House -Assert your unique views into the collective

12th House -Action derived from fearlessly merging with the oneness