The Secret to working with challenging Astrology

Open Heart
Do you want to Know the secret to working with the so-called challenging Planets and Aspects? I am here to tell you that you can take the challenge out of any Planet or Aspect in your Birth Chart or transits. Once you realize that every Planet and Aspect wants to be your friend and help you be the best possible you, you're on your way to Astrologic Bliss. Like with any friendship, it is important to take the time to truly understand what your friend needs and to do your best to work with your friend rather than struggle or fight.
As a Master Evolutionary Astrologer, I often get asked fearful questions about upcoming transits or so-called challenging Aspects in the Birth Chart. My answers usually get met with, "But I thought that Planet or Aspect was bad! How can you tell me it is my friend?" This article is to share with you why and to help you take the struggle out of your Astrology.
Three words are key to understanding what I am talking about: Perspective, Optimism, and Compassion. Your perspective colors how you see everything. If you aren't a runner you might ask a marathon runner if it's hard to run twenty-five miles. They most likely will answer from their perspective that it is enjoyable and not difficult. How you see your future greatly impacts how your future unfolds. As Henry Ford famously said, "Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right." Optimism (assuming a positive outcome) unlocks what is possible. Of course, we all make mistakes and trip or fail-that is a part of natural learning and growing. It is about what you do after you trip or fall. Naomi Newman calls it, "Fall-down-get-up. That is one move. Fall-down-get-up." Pick yourself up with compassion and keep moving forward. Beating yourself up for past actions is possibly the biggest waste of time and serves no purpose except to limit what is possible for us. Everything is just feedback. Move on with more experience to realize your dreams.
As you have heard, from a Traditional Astrology perspective (not an Evolutionary Perspective), some planets are capable of causing harm or destruction--and there is nothing you can do about it but feel powerless and keep your head down and wait until the evil passes. My prospective as an Evolutionary Astrologer is that all Planets and Aspects are your friends. They want you to be the best possible you, and if you work with their energy, your future will always look bright. I am realistic, though, and understand that some of the Planets and Aspects may appear malefic as they are asking big things of you. Whenever you reach for something big that stretches you to your limit, there is a possibility to trip or fall down. I am hugely compassionate to all souls willing to push themselves on their Evolutionary Path. If you fall down, I'll do my best to help you dust yourself off by showing you how amazing you are for trying and what you might do next time to reach your dream. Give yourself the Gift of Evolutionary insight
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Here's how to tell when you are on an evolutionary edge of what you're capable of: you trip or fall down. If you weren't pushing your limits, you would not have fallen down. You are an Amazingly Courageous Soul for having the courage to find that edge. Be sure to give yourself due credit for stepping up to expand yourself.
Ok let's bust the Astrological myth of malefic Planets and Aspects by getting to know our new friends and how they are here to help us.
Pisces in the House

Mars - Mars wants to help you get things started. Mars is that friend who helps you to have the courage to break through your fear so you can take charge of your life and create the future that you want. Mars is here to help us take the first step on the journey to greatness. The evolutionary edge that you will be pushing is defined by fear of taking action. Falling down could look like fighting, anger outbursts, crippling fear, or literally falling down.

Saturn - Saturn wants to help you finish what you've started. Saturn is that friend who helps you with structure and discipline, so that you can accomplish great things. Saturn is here to help you finish what you started so you can look back at your greatness. The evolutionary edge that you will be pushing on is discipline, structure, and delayed gratification. Falling down could look like not well thought out plans backfiring, not having what you need when you need it, or unnecessary struggle.

Uranus - Uranus wants to help you expresses your uniqueness in what you do. Uranus is that friend who encourages you to be quirky--unleashing your unique prospective. Uranus is here to ensure that you do something original that expresses your unique awesomeness. The evolutionary edge that you will be pushing on is having the conviction to champion something without any community acknowledgement. Falling down could look like distain for authority, getting caught breaking laws, alienating people that you need.

Neptune - Neptune wants you to know you have the power of the universe available in whatever you do. Neptune is that friend who helps you see all that is possible when you are connected to the oneness in all of us. Neptune is here to ensure that you do something truly meaningful that feeds your soul. The evolutionary edge that you will be pushing is your ability to trust and have faith in the big picture. Falling down could look like indecisiveness, drugs and alcohol addiction, or inability to do things in the physical world.

Pluto - Pluto wants you to be the best possible you--free of all limiting beliefs and actions. Pluto is that friend who tells you where you are getting in your own way. Pluto is here to ensure that you free yourself from the effects of karmic and present life wounds. The evolutionary edge that you will be pushing is your ability to face your fears and deal with your subconscious limitations. Falling down could look like self-sabotage, feeling crippled by fear, or low self-esteem.

Square - A Square is when two planets are at 90 degrees to each other. Squares want to make sure that you don't ignore the two planets by adding friction between these two energies. When working with two people who don't appear to have common values, it is best to build bridges of deeper understanding and compromise rather than walls of division. The evolutionary edge that you will be pushing is your ability to work with both Planets' energies crafting a response that satisfies the intent of both Planets. Falling down could look like failing to work with one or both of the Planets' desires.

Opposition - Opposition is when two planets are 180 degrees apart (on opposite sides of the chart). Oppositions want to make sure that you see and integrate the perspectives of both Planets by adding tension between their two energies. When having a discussion with someone who has an opposite view, it is best if you both work to see the validity in the other's point of view--even if you disagree. The evolutionary edge that you will be pushing is your ability to hold two opposite views as possibly equally true. Falling down could look like siding with only one Planet's energy and failing to see the other Planet's energy, and then maybe even being triggered to flip sides.

Your Astrology is your friend. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. If you are having a hard time or need a fresh perspective, schedule a reading. Let's enjoy exploring your possibilities.