Opening your Heart, from an Astrological perspective, transports you into the realm of Open-Hearted Bliss.

Open Heart
A friend recently asked me, "What is the purpose of your Life?" I answered, "To Open My Heart and live."
My Capricorn friend just stared at me for a minute or two, then she said that my answer was not the kind of statement she expected. It seems she felt that a life purpose included something I was going to accomplish. I assured her that that Opening My Heart in this world was quite an accomplishment, and that I thought it would inspire others to do the same. After she contemplated that, she said, "Ah, I now see. You have a different path from what I was imagining."
This interaction spurred my thinking that each Planet, Sign, and House have their own unique way and special Evolutionary high road–path–to Open our Heart. Inspired, I've written about these unique pathways below to share with you. Important Note: This is not meant to be an all-inclusive list. This is to get you thinking about your own Evolutionary high road.
The PLANETS paths to Opening the Heart:

Sun - The sun wants you to shine. The sun opens the heart by taking action. Look to the Sign and House placement.

Moon - The moon wants to feel. The moon opens the heart by expressing emotions.

Mercury - Mercury wants information to flow. Mercury opens the heart by learning and communicating.

Venus - Venus wants beauty. Venus opens the heart by seeing and creating beauty.

Mars - Mars wants action. Mars opens the heart by facing fears and taking appropriate action.

Jupiter - Jupiter wants expansion. Jupiter opens the heart by expanding knowledge and reaching for dreams.

Saturn - Saturn wants structure. Saturn opens the heart by providing structure that supports you.

Uranus - Uranus wants change. Uranus opens the heart by encouraging you to be authentic–uniquely yourself.

Neptune - Neptune wants connection. Neptune opens the heart by showing you the oneness in all.

Pluto - Pluto wants truth. Pluto opens the heart by helping you see hidden truths and to be your powerful self.

The SIGNS paths to Opening the Heart:

Aries - Aries brings desire. Aries opens the heart by encouraging you to follow your desire.

Taurus - Taurus brings stability. Taurus opens the heart by seeking resources to create safety.

Gemini - Gemini brings curiosity. Gemini opens the heart by exploring new ideas.

Cancer - Cancer brings compassion. Cancer opens the heart by creating the nurturing that you need to thrive.

Leo - Leo brings creativity. Leo opens the heart by having the courage to be seen and having fun.

Virgo - Virgo brings discernment. Virgo opens the heart by knowing what you need when you need it.

Libra - Libra brings friendship. Libra opens the heart by surrounding you with the close friends that feed your Soul.

Scorpio - Scorpio brings deep truth. Scorpio opens the heart by creating intimacy.

Sagittarius - Sagittarius brings knowledge. Sagittarius opens the heart by seeking knowledge and spreading wisdom.

Capricorn - Capricorn brings discipline. Capricorn opens the heart by sticking with things to create greatness.

Aquarius - Aquarius brings uniqueness. Aquarius opens the heart by having the courage to stand alone with a new idea.

Pisces - Pisces brings permeability. Pisces opens the heart by being open to connection with the oneness of the universe.

The HOUSES paths to Opening the Heart:

1st House - is your persona. First house opens your heart with enlightened selfishness.

2nd House - is your resources. Second House opens the heart by giving you what you need.

3rd House - is your communication. Third house opens the heart by articulating your needs and ideas.

4th House - is your home. Fourth House opens the heart by nurturing you.

5th House - is your ability to create. Fifth house opens the heart by having fun and enjoying life.

6th House - is your skillset. Sixth House opens the heart by mastery and service.

7th house - is your connection to others. Seventh House opens your heart by creating close personal community.

8th House - is your hidden inner nature. Eighth House opens the heart by trusted close bonds.

9th House - is your beliefs. Ninth House opens your heart by expanding your knowledge, giving you new perspectives on your beliefs.

10th House - is your mission. Tenth House opens your heart impacting other with your work.

11th House - is your Community. Eleventh House opens your heart by helping you affect the larger community.

12th House - is your connection with the divine. Twelfth House opens your heart by keeping you connected with spirit.