How Saturn retrograde is your friend

Open Heart
I know this goes against everything you have been told, but Saturn retrograde is your friend. If your definition of a friend is someone that helps you get past your self-limiting beliefs and celebrates your special gifts, then Saturn Retrograde in Sagittarius is your Best Friend.
Self-Limiting beliefs are a complex subject. We need to unpack this subject a bit to understand how our friend Saturn can help. Ego's intention is to keep us safe. It often does this by keeping things the same. Ego works through our subconscious to construct barriers (in the form of habits and beliefs) that keep us from changing. Ego figures there is safety in what I know and possible danger in what I don't know. Even if this is not true and what you know is harming you, Ego holds on tight.
Ego gets what it knows from childhood and the traumas we experience in this life. Another less known way that Ego gets what it knows is from past-life trauma and the karma that is ripe to be worked through in this life. The self-limiting beliefs that Saturn retrograde is here to help you let go of come from childhood experiences and past and present trauma - Helping you grow and evolve your Soul. Now, that's a good friend!
Work-- hard focused WORK is Saturn's theme song. Saturn, the planet of discipline, is in Sagittarius, the sign of your beliefs. When a plant is retrograde it wants you to turn your focus inward. Saturn is your helping friend right now if you are willing to step up and use disciplined inner focused to free yourself from karmic chains that are holding you back.

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ABOUT ME: As a Master Evolutionary Astrologer, I focus my ability to feel your past-life traumas and my empathic nature on your unique Astrology. From experience, training and Spiritual Intuition, I choose the best combination of methods to heal and release your Soul from trauma.
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