Astrocartography Basics

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Astro-Map-Link Instruction for Use.

Display Planet Line
You can select the Type of Planetary Lines you would like to see by clicking on the corresponding button.(see Pic1.) You can display multiple Line types by clicking more than one button. Lines will display initially with preselected options.

Display Line Type Label
The hover feature allows you to identify any line on map. Hover mouse over line anywhere on map. The line Type will display on the top left side of menu bar . (see Pic 2) Move mouse across line slowly, the mouse image will change to pointer when mouse is over line. Stop moving mouse when it is over line to see Line Type Label.

Display Line Interpretation
You can display a brief interpretation of each line's effect and orb of influence by clicking on line of interest. Move mouse over line, mouse image will change to pointer when it is over line, left click mouse to display interpretation box. (see Pic 3) For best results click on line of interest towards the bottom of display screen as box will display above where you click and will recenter map if needed. To close description box click on X in top right comer.

Line Options
To change Line Display Options, click on Options box under Line Selection box.(see Pic4) The Line Type will display at the top left of the Options window. (see Pic5 ) By making changes in this window you will change options for this Line Type. To select which Planets you want to see click on box next to Planet. Planet Line will display only if box is checked. You can either save selection changes or apply without saving. To save click Save after making changes, they will stay saved even if you close or reset map. You will develop your own system for sizes to use, and remember you can always hover to see the line labels to ID lines if it gets confusing. Click Apply to display changes without saving. Apply will display changes for this session only, until you close or reset map.

Display Paran Lines
You can display Paran Lines by clicking on Paran Lines button on menu bar. (see Pic 6) Due to the large number of Paran line it is recommended to have map zoomed in to a smaller view. To clear Paran Lines off map click the clear button that is located under Paran Line button (see Pic 7).

Display Progression Lines
Click on the progressions box to display progressions for the year you selected. The label displayed when hovering will read the year of the birthday lines are calculated for.

Display Transit Lines
To display Transit Line selection box hover your mouse over Transit Line box (see Pic8) This will display Transit Line selection boxes to the side of selection box.(see Pic9) You must keep mouse over these boxes to keep this section open. To display Transit Lines scroll your mouse down to Transit Line selection box that you want to display and click on it.

Display Distance Circles
You can display Distance circles by clicking the Set Distance Circles button on right side of menu bar (see Pic 10). Then move mouse to the place on map that you want circles to be centered on, and left click to set circles. The circles will be centered on the map where your mouse was when you clicked. There are four circles, the inside of which has a radius of 50 miles, next going out 100 miles, then 200 miles,then finally 700 miles.(see Pic 11). To clear Distance circles click on Clear Distance button that is on right side of menu bar. (see Pic 11)

Reset Map
You can reset map clicking by Reset button. (see Pic 12)This will clear the map of all lines, circles and recenter map. This will not reset saved planet line options. If map freezes or does not respond you need to reset map.